Posted December 19, 2018 06:10:06Apple is adding additional security advisors to its health care transactional advisors (HTA) team.

The move comes after Apple disclosed the hiring of two former executives with HTA, the Financial Security & Advisors group.

One of the new hires, Jason Lefkowitz, is a former executive at Citigroup who worked on its mobile payments system.

Apple hired Lefker to help manage its financial transactions team.

Lefke worked as a lead product developer on Apple Pay for two years.

He left the company after only two months and joined the advisory firm.

Apple confirmed that Lefkarow will now work for the company as a full-time advisor.

Laffkowitz previously served as an adviser to Goldman Sachs.

Lefker is the second former Goldman Sachs employee to join Apple’s HTA team.

He previously served at Bank of America as a technology advisor.

The hires come just days after Apple reported that it hired an additional five security advisers for its transactions team, with the first two of those hires being former executives from the financial services industry.HTA is an industry-leading advisory company focused on providing technology solutions to financial institutions, health care providers, and other financial institutions.

Lenders and payment providers often use HTA to better protect customer information, enhance compliance, and facilitate financial transactions.

Apple has a long history of hiring and training security experts to help support its financial transaction team.

In May, Apple announced the hiring last year of an executive who had previously served in its financial services team.

Apple also recently hired an executive with a security background.