A new PPP series on the process of selling to a partner for $300 an hour will take you through the process, and how to set up a simple account that will allow you to earn that amount in a very short period of time.

In this episode of The PPP Podcast, guest co-founder of the company The Co-Founders, Matt McLean, joins me to explain how he built the PPP app for the new platform.

Matt and I discussed how to build the app that will be the platform of PPP.

It’s an app that is intended to be as easy as possible for you to set your own goals and get started, and it will take just a few minutes to get started.

You can sign up for this program for $30 for 30 days for a total of $300 per hour, or $300 a month for 30 months for a maximum of $1,300 per month.

You’ll earn 5% commission on your sales, which is the best part of it all.

If you don’t have any friends willing to sell you something for $150, you can always get friends and family to do so for you for a small fee.

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