A new startup called SmartPill has raised $2.5 million in a round led by the investment arm of UBS AG.

The investment, led by Sequoia Capital, was led by former Goldman Sachs CFO, and Sequoias Chief Investment Officer, Adam Smith.

Sequoiah Capital also invested in the company in October, which led to the company getting an investment from UBS.

The company is working on its own proprietary platform to make it easier for consumers to trade their home equity, property and insurance portfolios in real estate.

In addition to the financial benefits, consumers would save on taxes, and a better deal for the lenders.

SmartPill’s business model is similar to one that already exists in the United States.

For instance, in October 2017, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority of Canada launched a platform called CBA, which allows investors to trade equity and other asset classes with other Canadians.

In October 2017 and December 2017, SmartPills platform was launched in India.

SmartPILL has not yet released any data on its platform, but the company does have a lot of experience in this space.

According to its website, Smartpills platform is built on the idea of an “integrated, scalable and automated platform to enable homeowners and other equity investors to manage their portfolio.”

It aims to make real estate transactions easier, simpler and cheaper, with a focus on making it easier to trade assets and securities in real life.

In terms of how it would work, Smartpill would allow users to make trades from their mobile devices and send the data to their brokerage account.

This would be sent via a mobile app, and then the brokerage account would convert the data into an exchange rate that can be exchanged with other investors.

The data can also be sent to other brokers in the same way as the app.

Smartpill said that users would also be able to buy and sell securities and equity in real time.

The SmartPilli platform would work in a similar way to that of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

In addition, the company has launched an online marketplace for this same purpose.

It said that the platform will be available in the U.S. in the second half of 2021.

The main difference between the SmartPillo and CSE platforms is that the latter is focused on helping consumers make the best decision about investing their assets.

Consumers will be able take advantage of the CSE’s more flexible portfolio manager tools.

For instance, Smart Pill will be integrating a “trading dashboard” with its platform that will allow users who are interested in making a trade to simply enter the trade information and make a decision.

In other words, consumers will be in control of their investments and the way they will be used by their financial advisor.

Smart Pill is not the first company to make this kind of move.

In May 2018, CME Group Inc. announced that it had acquired the equity investment management company, Trulia Capital, and launched SmartPillas platform in an effort to improve the process for investors.

In September 2018, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) said that its members were interested in using smart pills.

In April 2019, SIFMA added the technology to the list of products that it considered to be in the top five most important investments for 2020.

The SEC has been a vocal proponent of the use of smart pills in real-world investing.

In December 2016, it voted to require companies to conduct a “robust assessment” of the impact of their products and services on consumers and on the financial markets.

However, the SEC did not specify when or where it expected to require such an assessment.

In addition, in December 2016 the SEC released its “Report of the Panel on Institutional Investor Protection” to describe the role of the investment advisor industry in ensuring that investors have access to appropriate and timely information and information technology that allows them to take advantage in the markets.

This report was issued in conjunction with the 2016 JOBS Act.

In 2016, the Commission said that it planned to create a task force to review investment advisor practices, and that it expected the panel to recommend a range of reforms to protect consumers.