The New York Jets are preparing for a lawsuit against their former quarterback.

Bleacher Report’s Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that the team is preparing for the legal battle with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick signed a two-year deal with the Jets in 2019, but his agent filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the team alleging the team stole $7 million from him.

The Jets, who have not yet filed a response to the suit, are seeking $10 million in damages and $6 million in compensatory damages.

In a statement to the media Wednesday, the Jets said:The Jets are aware of the allegations in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by Ryan Fitzpatrick’s agent.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a professional athlete who has played in the National Football League for more than two decades, and has worked in a variety of capacities for the Jets and many other professional sports organizations, including the National Basketball Association, the NFL, the NHL, the American Hockey League and the NBA.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is entitled to compensation under the law for any losses suffered by him and his family as a result of the wrongful conduct alleged in the lawsuit.

We are confident that we have a strong case and that we will prevail.