LUSC is a large bitcoin trading platform with an international network of brokers and traders.

Last month, the platform started accepting bitcoin and ether for trading, and it recently announced it would soon offer the two cryptocurrencies as an option for customers who have a balance in a brokerage account.

Today, LUSc announced a deal with Gemini that will see the two firms begin accepting bitcoin for trading.

The partnership will enable LUScs customers to buy and sell bitcoin for cash at the Gemini platform and the platform will also provide a platform for other cryptocurrency traders to join the market.

In a blog post, Lusc’s co-founder and CEO John O’Connor said: Gemini is one of the largest financial services platforms in the world and LUSCs users are the most educated in the cryptocurrency space.

“By offering LUSCCs customers a better place to trade, Gemini will be able to better understand the demand and supply for bitcoin in its markets and more efficiently deliver value to its users.”

O’Connor added that LUSs partners, Gemini and the LUScoin exchange, will begin accepting BTC as an alternative to fiat currencies in early 2019. 

Gemini’s CEO and Co-founder Jason Chen said that Luscoin will be a popular currency among the global cryptocurrency community.

Chen said: We expect the LUSD and LEC price to be highly volatile in the coming months as investors and traders wait to see how these two markets will react. 

Chen said that Gemini is planning to introduce LUSCoin as a trading platform in the US by the end of the year.

He added that the platform would be focused on US and Canadian markets.

In a blog, LUsco’s co, Mark Nemetz said: In LUSCO, Gemini has a huge opportunity to become a leader in the industry and provide a better platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors. 

Nemetz also announced that the Luscoins price would be capped at $1,000 per day. 

Lusc and Gemini currently offer a range of services, including trading, research and asset management.

The two platforms also offer trading on margin, allowing users to buy or sell on the spot. 

Earlier this month, Luscans CEO John Daley said that the exchange had invested in an LUSCo token, a kind of token that would represent the LUscoins value on the platform. 

In a statement, Nemetx said: Our partnership with LUSco will help us to continue to build our relationship with the bitcoin and altcoin communities, which we believe will be the foundation for more growth for LUScoins future. 

A few weeks ago, LUSD hit a record high of $1.09, and bitcoin hit a new all-time high of more than $1k.