The blockchain is an innovative way of creating and maintaining record of transactions and digital documents, and there are a variety of providers working on creating these types of digital records.

Among the many startups that are working on blockchain solutions is bluwater, an online platform that allows consumers to buy, sell and buy/sell health insurance, prescription drugs and health insurance products.

bluwater has partnered with nearco to help create a secure, decentralized ledger that allows for online shopping.

nearco was founded in 2013 by three former employees of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, and has raised $1.3 million from angel investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital.

Nearco allows consumers and merchants to buy or sell health insurance and prescription drugs with fiat currency, while bluwater enables users to buy health insurance or prescription drugs online.

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article Health insurance companies, including the UnitedHealth Group and Anthem, have teamed up with bluewater to offer a blockchain platform that connects consumers and sellers of health insurance.

The platform will allow them to transact with each other over a blockchain, which is a peer-to-peer digital ledger that provides transparency and a decentralized way of managing transactions.

Through the platform, the health insurance companies will have an added layer of trust to transact, which will result in increased efficiency for consumers and improved customer experience.

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article Blockchain technology has already begun to play a role in the healthcare industry, with companies like health care transactional advisors (HCTAs) and health care consulting firms building their own blockchain platforms to help them better understand the needs of consumers and to develop a secure platform for delivering quality healthcare services.

With the help of blockchain technology, health care providers can now more easily build and manage a blockchain solution for their healthcare clients.

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Bluewater is working with Nearco to build a blockchain that connects its users and sellers.

NearCo, a healthcare blockchain company, is partnering with bluewing to provide blockchain solutions for the health industry.

The company is working closely with bluwater to ensure that consumers and medical professionals can transact securely with each another, and bluewed will be providing services for bluewalley.

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