Lexis Taker will open in the United States on February 12, the company announced on Monday.

The company said the first event will be an event at the New York Stock Exchange, and LexisTaker is launching its first public offering in the US.

LexisTAKER is an asset management company that offers transaction advisory services for financial institutions.

It provides transaction advisory solutions to financial institutions to help them understand the risks and benefits of transaction advisory programs, and to help facilitate the creation of transaction products and services.

The company is an investor in Fidelity Investments, which owns and operates the Fidelity Investment Company and the FIC.

LexisTAKE will be the first company in the U.S. to offer financial products and financial services through the Lexis Transaction Advisors Network.

The network, launched in January, allows banks and other financial institutions access to a comprehensive suite of Lexis transaction advice services including a transaction advisory product, a LexisTSO service, and the Lexisext service.

LexiSMO is the parent company of Lexisa, which is a provider of financial product services.

Lexisa also is an owner and operator of the FIDEX Financial Services Group, a financial services provider that provides investment advisory services.

The group’s services include advisory, tax advisory, and capital allocation advice.

Lexica is an international market leader in asset management, investment banking, tax preparation, tax consulting, and asset management consulting.

The Company also provides financial products for businesses and individuals.

The Lexis TAKE program is managed by the International Centre for Financial Studies in London, UK.

For more information, please visit www.lexis-taker.com