Which advisors are most likely to be acquired?

8 advisors are likely to acquire at least 10% of all the firm’s shares.This is a huge number, but there’s one caveat.It doesn’t mean that the deal is going to be the firm going public.Instead, it means that at least one of the advisors has to be a “buyout”, a stock sale.That means it’s probably […]

When should you ask for a bitcoin-traded fund?

A lot of the time, investors want to invest in bitcoin futures or short-term bitcoin ETFs, but a lot of people also want to buy stocks in these ETFs.But how should you do it? The answer, for me, is to look at the underlying data.In fact, I look at a lot more of the underlying information […]

Why is the UK’s healthcare transaction advisor (MTAA) so profitable?

By now you’ve probably heard that M&A consultant Brian McAndrews, the man behind the M&M company that started the “fintech revolution”, is out at the end of 2017 with a $3bn cash injection.He’ll be back, of course, with the same team he had in place before.But what do you think of this year’s M&As?We asked […]

Why a new type of business advisor might be right for you

PPPs are a relatively new concept, but it’s a good time to get some real-world examples of what’s possible in the space.There are more than 30 PPP firms already on the scene and we’re just getting started.What makes a PPP a PPM?A PPM is a fee-based advisor that’s based on the value of a transaction, […]

Why Did I Forget About The Financial Industry Until I Became a Mortgage Expert?

A couple weeks ago, I went to my local bank to get my mortgage, and a broker told me that I was going to be approved for an advisor.After some questioning, the bank agreed to provide me with a personal loan.I had my mortgage written off and was looking forward to refinancing the loan.A few […]

Which medical transactions are best for your health?

With the rise of the health care industry, the number of transactions on the market is on the rise, with some companies looking to build their presence in this market.“As health care continues to become more mainstream, transaction advisors are increasingly being utilized by healthcare organizations,” says John Emslie, chief executive officer at Cri, which […]

The UK’s top 5% of financial advisors

1.Ally Financial – £12,300 2.HSBC – £10,300 3.BNP Paribas – £9,500 4.Capital One – £8,500 5.HSBC Money Market – £7,500 6.BNY Mellon – £6,500 7.BMO Capital Markets – £5,500 8.Barclays Capital – £4,500 9.Barclays Bank – £3,500 10.UBS – £2,500 11.RBS – UK’s third biggest bank, £1,500 12.U.S. Bancorp – £1 and up, £100.Source MTV […]

Why do I need to be an adviser?

Transactional advisers help businesses and consumers make smarter decisions about their financial future.They help them understand and plan for the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.Transactational advisers work with financial advisors, credit unions, investment advisers and other financial advisers to help clients make more informed financial decisions.The role of an adviser varies by jurisdiction and […]