NFL players will no longer have to report financial information that is tied to transactions, but some teams are still required to comply.

The NFLPA on Monday unveiled the latest in a long list of rules aimed at making it harder for athletes to make a living.

The rule, which is in place until 2022, is the latest effort by the union to make it harder to make money in the NFL.

The league says players will be required to report information about all transactions, including money, that is subject to arbitration, and they’ll be required not to use that information to trade with the league.

“Players will no more have the opportunity to take advantage of the NFL’s open competition and free-agent market to make an unlawful and deceptive trade, or to defraud the league in any way,” NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said in a statement.

“This is a significant change in our league rules that will affect more than just the players.

It will affect all of us.

Our players deserve better.”

The rule is aimed at preventing players from exploiting loopholes in the salary cap, which allows teams to sign and trade players with the understanding that the player will remain in the team’s system.

The rules are designed to keep teams from overpaying, as they’re supposed to be incentivizing teams to bring in better players.

The rule, like the lockout that began last season, is designed to make the game safer for players.

Last year, the NFL reported that a record 11,744 players missed games with injury.

The last time it did so was in 2012.