The NFL Players Association is getting ready to begin an aggressive push to get new players to pay with online transactions, which could make it easier for some players to get a cut of the money they make on their purchases.

In a letter sent to all NFLPA members and sent to players this week, Laurus, a startup that lets players make transactions online, said that it would begin using the technology in the next several weeks and has begun a pilot program for teams.

The letter says that it will begin offering the technology to the NFL in the coming months, but doesn’t specify a time frame.

The company said that its technology, which it plans to launch in the first quarter of 2019, is “highly advanced” and will be “part of a larger effort” to make transactions easier and faster for players.

“The new Laurus technology is a significant advancement over traditional payment channels, which have long required a lot of work from players,” the letter said.

“In a time when online transaction fees have exploded in recent years, Lauras technology will allow us to offer players the same level of convenience and efficiency they have come to expect from Laurus.”

The NFLPA said it expects to use Laurus technology to make it more affordable for players to make purchases.

The league said it is also exploring using the Laura platform to improve player communication.

In the letter, the league said that the technology is “extremely helpful” for players who have “significant amounts of data” on their accounts, but it added that there are some “challenges” that need to be addressed.

“It is not an ideal solution for all players, especially those who make very large transactions, because it takes time to send and receive payments, and Laurases data management is not perfect,” the NFLPA letter said, adding that it “does not have the data to accurately assess how quickly or how accurately players make payments on their Laurus accounts.”

The league also said that Laurax’s technology will make it “much easier for players and their agents to make online payments without worrying about having to deal with bank accounts, credit card accounts or checking accounts.”