The Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) will convene its annual conference this week, with two new Australian investment companies opening their doors to conference attendees.

Founded in 2013, Agora Capital and Vantage Capital have been co-organisers of the annual conference since it was founded.

The two companies have been working together to raise awareness about the financial services industry in Australia, according to the AFA’s website.

Fellow investment company Agora has also been working with the AFR to raise public awareness about financial services and to create a better understanding of the role of finance in Australian society.

The conference is expected to take place in Melbourne from February 27 to March 3.

The conferences focus on issues of governance, taxation and regulatory compliance and will include speakers from both the private and public sectors.

Finance Minister Steven Ciobo announced on Friday the two companies will open their conference doors to attendees on Friday.

“Our aim is to provide a forum for the public to come and learn more about the sector and to engage with the sector, particularly those in the financial industry,” Mr Ciobo said in a statement.