The world’s largest brokerage house has made its first big move to open its own trading platform, announcing it is planning to offer its clients trading options for its clients.

The New York Stock Exchange said in a statement that it will offer its own option trading platform in the coming weeks.

The New York Times reports that it is looking to bring its trading platforms to more than 1,500 brokerage firms across the globe.

It is also planning to bring other brokerages on board to offer options trading on their own platforms, the paper said.

The NYSE’s move comes as more and more people are starting to use digital trading platforms, which have come to dominate markets and can be more accessible than traditional options trading platforms.

The digital platforms have seen a surge in adoption in the past year.

In the fourth quarter, there were 1.8 million U.S. trades on platforms such as Nasdaq, CBOE and ICE, according to market research firm Morningstar.

In recent months, the NYSE has been focusing on getting more of its stock trading partners to offer trading options.

The company said it would begin offering these options trading for clients in the second quarter.

It will also launch a new trading platform for its broker-dealers later this year.

The announcement comes as investors and trading options providers are increasingly trying to navigate the options market.

The market has seen a flurry of new options offerings, which could make the traditional brokerage firm look less appealing.

In addition, many of the options trading companies offer are not currently listed on a trading platform like Nasdaq.

The new platform is the first in a series of steps the NYSEX is taking to try to offer clients trading platforms for their trading options, the NYT reported.

NYSE President John J. McNamara said the move will enable the NYSEA to “enhance our offerings of trading options to meet the growing demand for trading options.”

“This will provide us with a better opportunity to offer these new options trading at a level of ease, security and reliability we have not seen in the markets we have traded in the last decade,” McNamara added.

Trading Options is a program of the NYUSD, which manages $2.3 trillion in assets.

It was launched in the summer of 2016 by the NYSAE to help investors use options to buy and sell shares of stock.

The NYSE offers trading options in a number of different ways, including a variety of options that are based on the company, the stock’s price, the price of the underlying asset and the volatility of the stock.