Lusidanis Lusardis, the head of the London-based investment firm Singhi Advisors, said the companies agreed to close their accounts and that they were exploring alternative strategies.

The announcement came after the London Stock Exchange and a number of other U.K. stock exchanges suspended trading of Singhi Shares in London as a result of the allegations.

The company said it had hired outside counsel to review the allegations and take legal action if necessary.

Lusidias Lusinias, Singhias lead in the UK, said he was not aware of any investigation by the company and declined to comment.

Singhi, which has operations in the U.S., Europe and Asia, is a technology-focused company that has emerged as a leader in the blockchain space.

It has been among the most innovative companies in the field of smart contracts, and it is known for its innovative use of data mining, data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve the trading experience of traders.