How security adviser can help your company mitigate a breach article Security advisor can protect your business from attacks that could harm your customers or even steal their information, according to a report by McKinsey & Co. The firm said that the most common security breach, which occurs when a hacker uses a backdoor in a business network, occurs on average every three months, with a high rate of intrusion when a new breach is discovered.

A recent study from the consulting firm found that nearly half of the corporate IT security breaches that McKinsey reported in 2017 were in companies with fewer than 10 employees.

McKinsey found that only 8 percent of companies with less than 5 employees had security advisors who were certified as a certified security consultant.

McKinsey said it is crucial for businesses to hire experts who have experience in security issues and who have the right skillset and knowledge for the job.

“It’s critical to have the proper training and expertise for your security team,” said McKinsey’s security advisor, David Siegel.

To avoid a breach, McKinsey recommends hiring a security advisor who has experience with a security vulnerability and who understands the security of your company’s network.

Companies also need to make sure their security advisor has the necessary credentials to perform security audits.

Security experts need to be able to use technology, like a security camera, to monitor an employee’s computer activity to prevent the possibility of a data breach, Siegel said. 

“It is important for people with the right credentials to be part of the security team, but the important thing is that they are not on the team,” he said.

Siegel also said that companies should consider hiring a full-time security consultant who can do everything from performing security audits to conducting technical security assessments of the entire company.

In an interview with Fortune, Sessler said that it is important to hire a security expert with a background in IT security who is also a certified business security consultant or a security specialist who has previously worked with businesses.

It’s also important for companies to hire an experienced security advisor that is a security analyst, as well as a cybersecurity consultant, he said, adding that a full security consultant needs to be familiar with different forms of malware and other threats.

“You need to know the tools and the systems and what you are doing,” he added.

“If you are not familiar with that, you will be unprepared for what is going on.”