How much do you pay for your health insurance?

And how much do your health providers pay for it?

While you might expect the costs to be very high, the truth is that they’re much lower than you might think.

For example, you might pay more for an ER visit than you would pay for an MRI scan, a visit to your doctor’s office for x-rays or a mammogram.

And you may pay more than you do for your dental or vision care.

The difference between these costs is due to how health care providers charge for services, and how they negotiate with insurers.

If you don’t understand what these fees are and how much they are, you may not be able to save much on your medical bills.

So how can you get a better idea of the cost of your health services?

Take a look at these two charts, one from Healthcare Transaction Advisors (HTA) and the other from Llusi Health.

Both charts compare the cost per health service (health care costs) to a hypothetical fee you would receive from a health insurance provider for the same service.HTA’s charts are not as straightforward as the average person might think, because it’s not clear whether the provider is a health care company or an individual.

But it’s worth looking at these figures to get an idea of what the typical healthcare provider charges.

The chart below compares a hypothetical cost of $15 per visit with a more realistic price of $12 per visit.HTAs costs are more likely to be accurate because they are based on information about how often health care is provided and how long that’s been happening.

However, they can be misleading, especially when you compare them to the price of a dental or other services.

For instance, the HTA costs include $12 for X-rays and $12 to get a mammography, but the Llusis bill includes $16 for a CT scan and $16 to get X-ray therapy.HT’s chart is even more misleading than the average.

Its $12 figure includes $12 in fees for your X-Ray, CT scan, and mammogram, but it also includes $15 in fees to get your dental and vision care, which you could pay much less for than a CT and X-Rays.

And the bill includes a $16 deductible, meaning that if you pay $16 more per month for the dental and other services, you’ll still only have $12 left over after deducting the $12 fee.

The bottom line: If you’re paying a health insurer to cover your health costs, you’re probably paying less than you think.

To get a more accurate comparison, check out our free health insurance calculator.

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