NFL Players react to news of trade to NFLPA

The NFL Players Association announced on Monday that it is sending a memo to all of its teams that players are not permitted to participate in the National Anthem, with the exception of a few teams that are allowing players to stand during the anthem.The memo said players have a constitutional right to protest peacefully, […]

Laurus: Lending to the blockchain?

Next Big Futures article Laurus (NYSE: LUC) said its LendingClub subsidiary will make it easier for lenders to access the blockchain technology.The company said it will be able to create and access digital wallets, which will then be accessible to any Laurus customer.“This new platform will make Lending Club more affordable and more accessible to […]

Australia’s big banks to sign deals to manage the country’s $7.5 billion bailout

News Corp Australia is the first Australian company to announce a deal with an international investment bank to manage Australia’s $70 billion bailout of the financial sector, as part of the countrys second big bailout.News Corp’s chief executive officer Greg Kyncl said he and his board would take a close look at the deal.“I think […]

Canada: Lionstree advisors’ fees rise 2.5% in June

A new study suggests that Lionstree Advisors may have to raise fees on advisers that help clients navigate the financial markets.The firm, a major player in the market, has raised fees for its advisers since at least April.Lionstree is one of the top advisors in the U.S. and the third-largest in Canada, according to its […]

How to build your own blockchain business

In an effort to build a scalable, frictionless, and secure transaction banking experience for anyone, the industry has come up with a number of solutions.For those interested in doing so, there are several ways to get started.This article will walk you through building a blockchain transaction bank that will allow anyone to accept a transaction […]

What is a Code Advisor?

In an interview with Israel Hayom, the former head of the Israeli code advisors group, the Israeli Code Association, Israel’s Code Alliance, and others, Benjamin Maimon, a lawyer and lawyer at the firm of Shurat HaDin, a group representing Israeli code firms, was asked if there was a distinction between code advisors and code employees.He […]

Energy transaction advisors lose millions in BHP Billiton deal

Energy transaction advisers (ETAs) are being targeted by BHP to be bought out by the Chinese energy giant, according to industry sources.Key points:The company has lost $US5 billion in revenue since 2008The move will see the company’s stock plummet by as much as 50%BHP has not yet made any public announcements about the deal, but […]

The big winners from a merger of two leading auto finance firms

Auto finance services provider Nearco and payment processing firm Citi have announced a merger.Nearco, which provides financing to small businesses, said in a statement on Thursday it has agreed to acquire Citi Automotive Finance for $5.6 billion in cash and shares.“This transaction is a natural extension of our core business,” said Jim Oster, chief executive […]

Why I bought a liontree advisor for $9.2 million

The Liontree Advisors deal with a small, but powerful hedge fund called Liontree Asset Management.It’s a good bet that you know about it, but not so much about the liontree hedge fund.The deal was announced in April, after months of speculation that the fund might go public.As of June 30, Liontree had about $1 billion […]

How to set up a new bank account with a few minutes to spare

An experienced online financial planner can help you get your finances in order.The new bank accounts you’ve been waiting for aren’t just for the young, the hungry or the desperate.They’re also for people who need to save for a rainy day, or even just to get by.It’s not always easy, and you’ll need to use […]