The next big step in clinical trials: the next healthcare transactational advisor

Health insurance providers are increasingly looking to their clinical trial participants to manage risk and provide clinical support.However, for some healthcare transactors, the healthcare transactor role is an attractive and potentially lucrative one.As healthcare providers become more sophisticated in the use of technology and new healthcare delivery systems, they have become increasingly focused on the […]

Which advisors are most likely to be acquired?

8 advisors are likely to acquire at least 10% of all the firm’s shares.This is a huge number, but there’s one caveat.It doesn’t mean that the deal is going to be the firm going public.Instead, it means that at least one of the advisors has to be a “buyout”, a stock sale.That means it’s probably […]

‘Code: Advisor’ deals deal with Accenture

Accenture has agreed to acquire a $3.5 billion fund for a new asset management and investment services group, according to sources.The deal, which is subject to regulatory approvals, will bring the firm’s investment fund, which currently has $10 billion in assets under management, up to $40 billion in total assets, according the sources.“The acquisition will […]

How can you be more profitable in a code advisor position?

The code advisor is an employment opportunity that has become increasingly popular in Ireland and other European countries.It is similar to the position of a sales manager, but with less responsibility and a much lower pay.For most people, it is the perfect job, but not everyone will be able to find a code adviser to […]

WATCH: Why ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is the best thing since ‘Downton Abbey’

With the release of ‘Star War: The Force Awakens,’ we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of the upcoming film and we were blown away by the incredible world and the characters.As you might expect, ‘The Last Jedi,’ the story of Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo Ren and a bunch of […]

How to Invest Like a Billionaire, but With an Ape

Investor: I’ve never been so confident in my investments and this is the best investment advice I’ve ever read.What do you think?Advisor: I agree with your assessment, but I also think there’s a little bit of nuance here.I also have to say that I’m going to take a shot here and say that this is […]

Q & A: What’s next for Kellogg’s, Target and CVS pharmacy sales?

A new report shows Kelloggs is poised to sell off the company’s pharmacy business.Sources close to the transaction say the acquisition of Target will not be a part of the deal, but the transaction is in the works.The report also says that Kellogg will not close any of its remaining stores.The acquisition would be the […]