When should you ask for a bitcoin-traded fund?

A lot of the time, investors want to invest in bitcoin futures or short-term bitcoin ETFs, but a lot of people also want to buy stocks in these ETFs.But how should you do it? The answer, for me, is to look at the underlying data.In fact, I look at a lot more of the underlying information […]

How to get more money on your online purchases: Laurus

The NFL Players Association is getting ready to begin an aggressive push to get new players to pay with online transactions, which could make it easier for some players to get a cut of the money they make on their purchases.In a letter sent to all NFLPA members and sent to players this week, Laurus, […]

How to avoid a £40,000 tax bill for your company with a Singhi advisor

The world of investing has changed.It’s no longer a place where you’re going to make a lot of money, it’s now a place you’re looking to make money.Investing is now a business that requires a lot more than a bunch of money to succeed.In this article, we’re going a little bit deeper into the world […]

CFPA transactions advisor firms are not audited by the SEC

Google has launched an audit of the services offered by advisers to the financial services industry.The firm, which includes financial advisors such as Equifax, has launched a public audit of its services.The company said it would also take measures to protect users against fraud.CFPA advisors are not subject to the strict guidelines of the Securities […]

Which of the two most recent big-name blockchain startups is worth a billion dollars?

CricInfo –  “We are not investing in any of these companies.”– David Karp, CEO of a $2.2 billion startup in China.Cricinfo,  a tech news website, “We’re not investing [in any of the companies],” Karp told reporters.“We are talking to the companies.”The Wall Street Journal, The WSJ, “Bitcoin will be the next big thing,”  says an investor […]

NFL Players react to news of trade to NFLPA

The NFL Players Association announced on Monday that it is sending a memo to all of its teams that players are not permitted to participate in the National Anthem, with the exception of a few teams that are allowing players to stand during the anthem.The memo said players have a constitutional right to protest peacefully, […]

Financially sound investing: How to use this investment research tool

Finanically sound investing is about taking the time to think about every investment and making an informed decision.And that means understanding all the different investment metrics you’ll need to consider, how to weigh them against each other, and what factors might influence your decisions.The most important of these is whether you want to make money […]

How to make a laurus deal

With the price of laurus stock tumbling more than 50% in the past week, it looks like the company has finally hit a ceiling in its business.In fact, the company is now offering up to $200,000 for a lauravail deal.While the company’s stock is still down more than 40%, it’s not the only stock that […]