NFL’s Michael Wilbon on NFLPA’s ‘transaction compliance’ approach

NFL players will no longer have to report financial information that is tied to transactions, but some teams are still required to comply.The NFLPA on Monday unveiled the latest in a long list of rules aimed at making it harder for athletes to make a living.The rule, which is in place until 2022, is the […]

Australia to ban all offshore energy advisors

Energy advisor firms are expected to face a ban under a bill that will be tabled in the House of Representatives this week.The bill, which has been referred to the Committee on Trade, would prohibit all offshore financial services providers from charging fees to investors.In an email to the ABC, the Industry and Innovation Committee […]

Energy transaction advisors lose millions in BHP Billiton deal

Energy transaction advisers (ETAs) are being targeted by BHP to be bought out by the Chinese energy giant, according to industry sources.Key points:The company has lost $US5 billion in revenue since 2008The move will see the company’s stock plummet by as much as 50%BHP has not yet made any public announcements about the deal, but […]

Which is the best energy transaction advisor?

The energy industry has long had a reputation for churning out expensive, uninspiring advisors who are often unresponsive to customers’ needs, leaving consumers in the lurch.But a new study by financial advisory firm, Lend Lease, finds that, while most of the time, energy transactions can be confusing, they’re still quite profitable.“With the advent of energy-efficient […]

How to Get a Job at a Healthcare Transaction Advisor

Getting a job in a healthcare transaction advisor industry is tough, especially when you’ve never had a real job before.So you’re faced with a few tough decisions.First, what do you do when you’re a new recruit?Do you stay on your resume or leave?Do your friends have any experience in the industry?Or do you ask for […]

When Laurus and Gemini hit it big, they’ve also given investors hope for bitcoin’s future

LUSC is a large bitcoin trading platform with an international network of brokers and traders.Last month, the platform started accepting bitcoin and ether for trading, and it recently announced it would soon offer the two cryptocurrencies as an option for customers who have a balance in a brokerage account.Today, LUSc announced a deal with Gemini […]