Which healthcare transactors are the biggest and best?

The healthcare sector is a big money maker, and the top 10 most valuable healthcare entities account for nearly 60% of all healthcare transactions, according to research firm TransMedica.They are:Laurus, a healthcare payments company that focuses on personal finance, is the top transaction advisor in the U.S.Laurus has more than 40 million active customers and […]

Healthcare transaction advisor: ‘You could lose your job’

Healthcare transaction advisors are the most powerful lobby in the UK, as they lobby governments to ensure they receive all the money they want from taxpayers.But the industry is under fire from its own members over a range of issues, including the fact that it is often too profitable to be allowed to act as […]

Why are you selling?

The best way to understand how your business is performing is to look at the transactions that it is doing.A simple way to do this is to take a look at your gross receipts.If your transactions are below the line, it means that your business was not earning enough to cover the expenses that are […]