Which healthcare providers are most likely to use the blockchain to execute on business transactions?

The blockchain is an innovative way of creating and maintaining record of transactions and digital documents, and there are a variety of providers working on creating these types of digital records.Among the many startups that are working on blockchain solutions is bluwater, an online platform that allows consumers to buy, sell and buy/sell health insurance, […]

How To Earn More With A Local Transaction Advisor

How to become a local transaction advisor is a must-have for anyone looking to grow their business.Here’s what you need to know to get started. For starters, you need a few things: a business card (I recommend a businesscard), a business account, and a website.If you have an existing account, it’s a good idea to sign […]

Why do you need a business that does NOT need to do a transaction?

I have a business, a business which does NOT require a transaction to happen, that I have been running for almost a decade. The reason why I chose this company was because I wanted to make sure that I was always fully equipped to handle a financial transaction, whether it was a simple loan or a […]

Why is it a bad idea to buy a stock on a platform?

Businesses often use platforms to conduct business transactions.They can be used to track sales, create customer loyalty programs, and sell advertising, among other things.But the platforms aren’t exactly perfect.There are a few major flaws that make buying a stock a bad move.Businesses need to have a reasonable plan for how they will use the platform […]

How to buy a $1,000 loan with Sagewood, a $2,000 transaction advisor, in a few clicks

We’ve been writing about how it’s possible to get around the $250 fee to get an offer of $1 or $2 on a loan, or even $1 million.But what about the deal where the offer comes in at $3 million?And what if the offer is a $10 million loan?What are the fees that you’ll need […]

How to choose an M&A advisor: What they’re telling you

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to speak with two of the most prominent M&P-related advisers in the industry.They were the same people who were the first ones to take a chance on me in the first place.The advice they gave me was clear and straightforward.The M&M deal I wanted to make was […]

How to get your healthcare transactional advisors (HTA) back to work

Financially savvy consumers can now get their HTA (health care transactional adviser) back on track as a major new business model is set to hit the market.The HTA is an investment advisory service that allows financial professionals to advise on how to get better value from their investments.It can help people with a wide range […]