How to use the BTS API to automate your payments

As an industry, there is a lot of talk about “revenue generation” and “receiving customers”.While some companies are focusing on the former, the latter is largely an industry term for selling a service, and that’s the key for many people in the industry.While the term is not a new one, it’s gaining more traction with […]

Which of these two ‘online payment options’ are the best for buying and selling medicines?

Which of the two ‘digital payment options’, PayPal or Stripe, is the best option for buying/selling medicines?In this series, we are looking at the pros and cons of each of these options and what you can do to choose the best.The Pros: PayPal is the most widely accepted of the three digital payment options and […]

Which of the two most recent big-name blockchain startups is worth a billion dollars?

CricInfo –  “We are not investing in any of these companies.”– David Karp, CEO of a $2.2 billion startup in China.Cricinfo,  a tech news website, “We’re not investing [in any of the companies],” Karp told reporters.“We are talking to the companies.”The Wall Street Journal, The WSJ, “Bitcoin will be the next big thing,”  says an investor […]

What you need to know about polymer transaction advisers

The industry has long focused on providing the latest technology and solutions for health care transactions.The trend has caught the attention of some regulators, who have been pressing the industry to come up with better solutions to protect the financial interests of health care providers.A recent survey by the American Medical Association found that 63 […]

How to set up a new bank account with a few minutes to spare

An experienced online financial planner can help you get your finances in order.The new bank accounts you’ve been waiting for aren’t just for the young, the hungry or the desperate.They’re also for people who need to save for a rainy day, or even just to get by.It’s not always easy, and you’ll need to use […]

‘Smart’ polymer transaction advisers can help consumers save money in the real estate market

A new startup called SmartPill has raised $2.5 million in a round led by the investment arm of UBS AG.The investment, led by Sequoia Capital, was led by former Goldman Sachs CFO, and Sequoias Chief Investment Officer, Adam Smith.Sequoiah Capital also invested in the company in October, which led to the company getting an investment […]

When to use a sole transaction adviser to maximize profits

A sole transaction advisory can be used to maximize your profits by allowing you to use your own money instead of transferring it into a foreign bank account.The best part is that you don’t have to pay a fee to use this service, which means you don-t have to worry about losing your money if […]

The Serie A clubs want to buy FC Inter Milan

Inter Milan are interested in buying FC Inter in a move that could change the face of Serie A, according to reports.According to the Mirror, Inter are one of several clubs interested in the Serie A title-winning side, with reports suggesting the Nerazzurri are looking to bring in a number of foreign players as they […]