PPP advisor buys bitcoin futures for $4 billion

A PPP firm has bought the futures of bitcoin and ethereum, according to a filing by the Securities and Exchange Commission.The SEC filed the registration statement with the Commission on Friday that details a PPP buyout of the futures contracts, which trade on the U.S. and European markets.The filing is the first time PPP has […]

Complete transaction advisors Llc and Q advisors transaction compliance, complete transaction advisor,transaction compliance advisor report

Complete transaction advisor Llc (TCA) and Q Advisors (QA) completed more than 3,200 transactions with the government last year, the company announced on Thursday.In 2017, it became the fourth company to achieve 100% compliance with all of the U.S. government’s anti-money laundering laws.The companies’ first and only transaction, a $50,000 payment made in March 2018, […]

Q1 2017 earnings: Top Q1 analyst pay raise, but earnings don’t seem to match report

Q1 was the year of the quarter, with a few notable exceptions.For starters, Apple’s quarterly earnings are down by more than 3%.The company reported earnings per share of $0.24 and revenue of $15.47 billion.However, it also reported a drop in quarterly profit, which was down to $1.7 billion, from $2.4 billion.Apple’s stock price fell more […]

Next Big Futures to Invest in ETFs

Next Big Finance is pleased to announce that we are launching a new ETF portfolio to help investors choose which ETF to invest in.The portfolio will be based on our long-term portfolio and will be a portfolio of ETFs selected based on the risk-adjusted return on their holdings.For the most part, we will be targeting […]

Q&A with NHL analyst Ryan Miller about NHL transactions

The NHL has announced that it will release a list of the top 100 deals that will affect players in the NHL next season, and one of the biggest deals of the year is one that’s likely to get a lot of attention.The list will be released this week and includes the biggest players, their […]

How to handle a transaction with an agent – Italian

A transfer agent should always be aware of the risks involved when dealing with a player who has just signed for another club.In addition, they should be prepared to make a counter offer if the transfer agent decides to proceed with the deal.This is why a good agent should be familiar with the transfer window, […]

Healthcare transactions advisors ‘in limbo’ over possible IPO

Business Insider’s Alex Gennaro reports on the uncertainty around healthcare transactions advisors and the potential for a takeover.The market for healthcare transaction advisers has fallen from $2.5 billion in 2016 to just over $1 billion in 2020, according to FactSet, an online database of investment data.That decline was driven by an aggressive effort to build […]

How to manage your advisors in Australia

The roles of advisors and other financial advisers in Australia are growing increasingly complex, according to new research from Australian Financial Consultancy (AFIC).While there are many roles available to the public sector, the roles of private sector advisers and consultants have grown increasingly complex.In this article, AFIC provides some guidelines on how to manage an […]

Australia’s big banks to sign deals to manage the country’s $7.5 billion bailout

News Corp Australia is the first Australian company to announce a deal with an international investment bank to manage Australia’s $70 billion bailout of the financial sector, as part of the countrys second big bailout.News Corp’s chief executive officer Greg Kyncl said he and his board would take a close look at the deal.“I think […]