How to handle a transaction with an agent – Italian

A transfer agent should always be aware of the risks involved when dealing with a player who has just signed for another club.In addition, they should be prepared to make a counter offer if the transfer agent decides to proceed with the deal.This is why a good agent should be familiar with the transfer window, […]

Healthcare transactions advisors ‘in limbo’ over possible IPO

Business Insider’s Alex Gennaro reports on the uncertainty around healthcare transactions advisors and the potential for a takeover.The market for healthcare transaction advisers has fallen from $2.5 billion in 2016 to just over $1 billion in 2020, according to FactSet, an online database of investment data.That decline was driven by an aggressive effort to build […]

How to manage your advisors in Australia

The roles of advisors and other financial advisers in Australia are growing increasingly complex, according to new research from Australian Financial Consultancy (AFIC).While there are many roles available to the public sector, the roles of private sector advisers and consultants have grown increasingly complex.In this article, AFIC provides some guidelines on how to manage an […]

Australia’s big banks to sign deals to manage the country’s $7.5 billion bailout

News Corp Australia is the first Australian company to announce a deal with an international investment bank to manage Australia’s $70 billion bailout of the financial sector, as part of the countrys second big bailout.News Corp’s chief executive officer Greg Kyncl said he and his board would take a close look at the deal.“I think […]

How To Earn More With A Local Transaction Advisor

How to become a local transaction advisor is a must-have for anyone looking to grow their business.Here’s what you need to know to get started. For starters, you need a few things: a business card (I recommend a businesscard), a business account, and a website.If you have an existing account, it’s a good idea to sign […]

How to make your own Qadri Qadry and Qadrian: How to invest with a Qadria Qadrin

How to start investing with Qadran Qadrains? Qadri Quaid’s Qadris is a private fund with its own portfolio. It has no publicly traded shares but it has the advantage of being backed by a Qatari sovereign wealth fund. You could easily get it in the open market, as you could in any other private fund, but its the […]

Q2 2019 earnings report: “The biggest challenges”

The Q2 earnings report was released on Monday.It included earnings from Q1 2019, and Q2 2018, which was released last Friday.The Q1 earnings report showed a gain of 8.5%, while the Q2 report showed an 18.6% increase.The report also showed the operating profit grew 4.9%, from $6.7 billion to $7.9 billion, and that the gross […]

Investors in Chinese-born Qatari businessman accused of bribery are likely to be more bullish on the country

Investors in a Chinese-based Qatari-born businessman accused by U.S. prosecutors of bribery and fraud are likely, according to new research from the University of Oxford and Cambridge Business School.Qatar is a key U.N. Security Council member, and its president, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, has been a close ally of President Donald Trump’s.The research, […]

When Lexis’ CEO Says He’s Not ‘On Board’ with the New Trump Administration

The stock market was up today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting a record high of 2,098.23.But the news of the president’s controversial executive order banning travel from seven majority-Muslim countries dominated headlines around the world.Trump is threatening to cut off federal funding to organizations that provide healthcare to immigrants and refugees, even as […]