How to manage the singhi advisor transactions

The chart below shows how to manage advisor transactions in Singhi, the Singhi-backed blockchain platform.Singhi is a blockchain startup founded by the founder of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.In this chart, the price of Singhi’s token is plotted.The chart indicates the Singi token is trading at a price of $0.00015 on value of the token is […]

Investors in Chinese-born Qatari businessman accused of bribery are likely to be more bullish on the country

Investors in a Chinese-based Qatari-born businessman accused by U.S. prosecutors of bribery and fraud are likely, according to new research from the University of Oxford and Cambridge Business School.Qatar is a key U.N. Security Council member, and its president, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, has been a close ally of President Donald Trump’s.The research, […]

How to earn a referral bonus in Singapore?

You may have seen this post recently in a forum where someone mentioned a way to earn money by talking to a person in Singapore.This person was referring to the Singapore Banking Services Company (SBS) referral bonus.If you are a member of the Singaporean Financial Services Association (FSA) you will receive a referral reward when […]

Indian brokerages have gone public – RTE

Singhi Advisors has gone public with an IPO in India, but not all is good with the firm, which was set up by the then-chief executive officer of a rival brokerage.RTE has learned that Singhi, which is now run by an advisory firm called the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of India, has been taken over […]