How to use the BTS API to automate your payments

As an industry, there is a lot of talk about “revenue generation” and “receiving customers”.While some companies are focusing on the former, the latter is largely an industry term for selling a service, and that’s the key for many people in the industry.While the term is not a new one, it’s gaining more traction with […]

Why the big tech giants are backing Trump’s healthcare proposal

By David Harsanyi”We’re seeing some pretty significant moves,” said Alex Obert, an analyst at the investment research firm Citi.“It’s a very different situation than what we’ve seen in the past.”The companies that have backed Trump include Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Alphabet and Intel.And the major players on the health-care front have all made clear they’re all […]

‘Bluwater’ is looking for new CEO after FTC probe

Former Trump adviser and investment advisor Peter Lewis resigned Monday after an FTC probe into his company’s ties to a controversial $1.9 billion sale of sole-transaction advisory services.Lewis was one of Trump’s most ardent allies during the 2016 election cycle and helped build the Trump campaign.In June, the FTC filed a complaint alleging that Lewis’ […]

Which is the best energy transaction advisor?

The energy industry has long had a reputation for churning out expensive, uninspiring advisors who are often unresponsive to customers’ needs, leaving consumers in the lurch.But a new study by financial advisory firm, Lend Lease, finds that, while most of the time, energy transactions can be confusing, they’re still quite profitable.“With the advent of energy-efficient […]

Which healthcare transactional advisors are worth their $10,000 price tags?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, efficient, and secure way to manage your healthcare transactational advisor accounts, you’re in luck.These top 5 top-tier healthcare transactor advisor companies offer a great way to save money and get paid to manage the healthcare of your family and friends.We’ve rounded up the top 5 healthcare transaction advisor companies […]

How to deal with the ‘big money’ from private equity and hedge funds that are investing in your retirement

A new generation of investors has become increasingly reliant on private equity firms, hedge funds and venture capital firms to help them navigate the murky world of investment and management.But as these investors, including some with experience managing private equity funds, have started to take the plunge into investing, some have raised questions about how […]