When will the bank get its money back?

The Financial Services Commission of India ( FSOCI ) on Wednesday said that the government of the country has agreed to pay out Rs. 6,200 crore to six private equity firms over a long-term bond deal, raising questions about the legality of the deal and the legality to sell bonds for a long time.The government […]

How to buy an advisor with Stj Advisors

You might have seen some people making an investment in a mutual fund, a mutual credit card or even a small home loan.But what about an advisor?That is where Stj Advisor comes in.The company is the first of its kind to offer investment advisors, which is exactly what it sounds like.They are “fintech investment advisers,” […]

When Lexis’ CEO Says He’s Not ‘On Board’ with the New Trump Administration

The stock market was up today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting a record high of 2,098.23.But the news of the president’s controversial executive order banning travel from seven majority-Muslim countries dominated headlines around the world.Trump is threatening to cut off federal funding to organizations that provide healthcare to immigrants and refugees, even as […]