Why is the UK’s healthcare transaction advisor (MTAA) so profitable?

By now you’ve probably heard that M&A consultant Brian McAndrews, the man behind the M&M company that started the “fintech revolution”, is out at the end of 2017 with a $3bn cash injection.He’ll be back, of course, with the same team he had in place before.But what do you think of this year’s M&As?We asked […]

‘Bluwater’ is looking for new CEO after FTC probe

Former Trump adviser and investment advisor Peter Lewis resigned Monday after an FTC probe into his company’s ties to a controversial $1.9 billion sale of sole-transaction advisory services.Lewis was one of Trump’s most ardent allies during the 2016 election cycle and helped build the Trump campaign.In June, the FTC filed a complaint alleging that Lewis’ […]

How to manage your advisors in Australia

The roles of advisors and other financial advisers in Australia are growing increasingly complex, according to new research from Australian Financial Consultancy (AFIC).While there are many roles available to the public sector, the roles of private sector advisers and consultants have grown increasingly complex.In this article, AFIC provides some guidelines on how to manage an […]

How a B2B transaction finance expert used B2C services to help clients save money

As part of our new financial literacy initiative, MedNova is launching an interactive online service that allows anyone to review their personal finance to help them make smart financial decisions.In partnership with The Financial Services Alliance (FSA), MedNovo is offering its B2Bs to financial advisors across a range of industries, from small to large.“People often […]

Q2 2019 earnings report: “The biggest challenges”

The Q2 earnings report was released on Monday.It included earnings from Q1 2019, and Q2 2018, which was released last Friday.The Q1 earnings report showed a gain of 8.5%, while the Q2 report showed an 18.6% increase.The report also showed the operating profit grew 4.9%, from $6.7 billion to $7.9 billion, and that the gross […]

The Serie A clubs want to buy FC Inter Milan

Inter Milan are interested in buying FC Inter in a move that could change the face of Serie A, according to reports.According to the Mirror, Inter are one of several clubs interested in the Serie A title-winning side, with reports suggesting the Nerazzurri are looking to bring in a number of foreign players as they […]

Laurus: The company with the perfect combination of risk and reward

The National Transaction Advisors (NTA) network is not exactly a new phenomenon.For years, NTA has been a leader in the market for small- and medium-sized investors.The company was founded in 2008 by three former traders in the futures markets and was the first company to offer its products to individuals and small businesses.Today, NTB has […]

How to get your money back if you’ve been cheated on with a financial advisor

There are so many scams out there, but there’s one that seems to have become so common it’s almost too prevalent.Sorting through all the bad advice out there can be a challenge, and sometimes the only way to get the money back is to start afresh.Here’s how to find out if your advisor is doing […]