PPP advisor buys bitcoin futures for $4 billion

A PPP firm has bought the futures of bitcoin and ethereum, according to a filing by the Securities and Exchange Commission.The SEC filed the registration statement with the Commission on Friday that details a PPP buyout of the futures contracts, which trade on the U.S. and European markets.The filing is the first time PPP has […]

How to deal with fraud, abuse, and data breaches on the Bitcoin blockchain

As the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has become a hotbed for fraud, fraud and abuse, according to a new study.The new research by the firm Accenture found that one in six people who use the digital currency are involved in some form of fraud or abuse, with the number of instances rising in 2017 […]

Q&A with NHL analyst Ryan Miller about NHL transactions

The NHL has announced that it will release a list of the top 100 deals that will affect players in the NHL next season, and one of the biggest deals of the year is one that’s likely to get a lot of attention.The list will be released this week and includes the biggest players, their […]

Why a new type of business advisor might be right for you

PPPs are a relatively new concept, but it’s a good time to get some real-world examples of what’s possible in the space.There are more than 30 PPP firms already on the scene and we’re just getting started.What makes a PPP a PPM?A PPM is a fee-based advisor that’s based on the value of a transaction, […]

How to get more money on your online purchases: Laurus

The NFL Players Association is getting ready to begin an aggressive push to get new players to pay with online transactions, which could make it easier for some players to get a cut of the money they make on their purchases.In a letter sent to all NFLPA members and sent to players this week, Laurus, […]

How to avoid a ‘double dip’ with your business transaction advisor

Transaction advisor services are widely available on both the public and private markets.A lot of them are for business clients and many of them require a degree in finance or economics.They are typically based in the United States and Europe and have a good track record of getting clients through the process.Here are some tips […]

Trump: I’m ready to run the healthcare industry

Donald Trump says he is ready to take the reins of the US healthcare industry if elected president, but warns he would be unprepared to run it and will “never be a good CEO”.“I don’t want to be a CEO.I don’t have the best instincts,” Mr Trump said during an interview on The Drudge Report […]

WATCH: Why ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is the best thing since ‘Downton Abbey’

With the release of ‘Star War: The Force Awakens,’ we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of the upcoming film and we were blown away by the incredible world and the characters.As you might expect, ‘The Last Jedi,’ the story of Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo Ren and a bunch of […]