LionTree Advisors to hold conference with investors

LionsTree Advisers is set to hold a conference in New York City this week that will include a conference call with investors.The company, which manages more than $1 billion in assets, said it is holding the event to discuss the benefits of owning a company in the cryptocurrency space.LionsTree is the third-largest shareholder in cryptocurrency […]

Why do I need to be an adviser?

Transactional advisers help businesses and consumers make smarter decisions about their financial future.They help them understand and plan for the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.Transactational advisers work with financial advisors, credit unions, investment advisers and other financial advisers to help clients make more informed financial decisions.The role of an adviser varies by jurisdiction and […]

NFL Players react to news of trade to NFLPA

The NFL Players Association announced on Monday that it is sending a memo to all of its teams that players are not permitted to participate in the National Anthem, with the exception of a few teams that are allowing players to stand during the anthem.The memo said players have a constitutional right to protest peacefully, […]

Why should you consider using a transaction advisor?

A transaction advisor is a financial advisor who advises clients on the best way to handle the risks of a particular transaction.While a transaction adviser is not the same as a financial planner, a transaction consultant may be a better fit for your needs.A transaction adviser must meet the same qualifications as a qualified financial […]

How to manage your advisors in Australia

The roles of advisors and other financial advisers in Australia are growing increasingly complex, according to new research from Australian Financial Consultancy (AFIC).While there are many roles available to the public sector, the roles of private sector advisers and consultants have grown increasingly complex.In this article, AFIC provides some guidelines on how to manage an […]

The big winners from a merger of two leading auto finance firms

Auto finance services provider Nearco and payment processing firm Citi have announced a merger.Nearco, which provides financing to small businesses, said in a statement on Thursday it has agreed to acquire Citi Automotive Finance for $5.6 billion in cash and shares.“This transaction is a natural extension of our core business,” said Jim Oster, chief executive […]

Laurus: Financial advisors role to be filled by laurus

Laurus has announced it is hiring an additional two people to work as part of its transaction advisor role, as it looks to grow its business across the world.The move comes after Laurus confirmed its chief executive, Patrick Gannon, had stepped down from the role and that its board had appointed former Citigroup and RBS […]