Why do I need to be an adviser?

Transactional advisers help businesses and consumers make smarter decisions about their financial future.They help them understand and plan for the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.Transactational advisers work with financial advisors, credit unions, investment advisers and other financial advisers to help clients make more informed financial decisions.The role of an adviser varies by jurisdiction and […]

An advisor deals with a M&A

M&A experts on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange said Monday that they are considering using a different method of financing an adviser’s transaction in a M &C deal than is typically used in a deal that includes a loan.In some cases, advisors are able to buy back their loans with cash, […]

Healthcare transactions advisors ‘in limbo’ over possible IPO

Business Insider’s Alex Gennaro reports on the uncertainty around healthcare transactions advisors and the potential for a takeover.The market for healthcare transaction advisers has fallen from $2.5 billion in 2016 to just over $1 billion in 2020, according to FactSet, an online database of investment data.That decline was driven by an aggressive effort to build […]

How to manage your advisors in Australia

The roles of advisors and other financial advisers in Australia are growing increasingly complex, according to new research from Australian Financial Consultancy (AFIC).While there are many roles available to the public sector, the roles of private sector advisers and consultants have grown increasingly complex.In this article, AFIC provides some guidelines on how to manage an […]

Stj Advisors transactions: The big winners and losers

Stj Partners is a UK-based financial services company, which provides direct financial advice to clients on a range of topics including asset management, capital markets, private equity, health and personal finance.The firm is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange, which is a significant investor in Stj’s business.It has over 400 clients, and has been […]

How to handle your financial adviser’s ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ scenarios

A financial advisor may have some tricks up their sleeves for dealing with a prospective buyer.But there are also some pitfalls to keep in mind when it comes to dealing with your financial advisor.Here’s what you need to know about the types of scenarios that a financial advisor might encounter when negotiating a potential buyer.1.The […]

The big winners from a merger of two leading auto finance firms

Auto finance services provider Nearco and payment processing firm Citi have announced a merger.Nearco, which provides financing to small businesses, said in a statement on Thursday it has agreed to acquire Citi Automotive Finance for $5.6 billion in cash and shares.“This transaction is a natural extension of our core business,” said Jim Oster, chief executive […]

How to use a transaction advisor to get a better deal on your next m&a

The first thing to know is that you should not use a “deal” advisor, because it is a way to get something for nothing.The second thing is that the transaction advisor service is a service that is offered by a third party, which is not necessarily the same as a broker.And the third thing is, […]